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Degrees of Protection of Enclosures (IP Rating)

The degree of protection is specified by means of theletters IP (Ingress Protection) and two numerals as defined in IEC529 BS EN ISO 60529

The first numeral designates the degree of protection against contact with live or moving parts, and the ingress of small foreign bodies. The second numeral designates protection against ingress of liquid.
1st Numeral Degree of Protection against   2nd Numeral Degree of Protection against Ingress of Water
Contact By Ingress of
0 None None 0 None
1 Hands Large foreign bodies
(52.5mm dia.)
1 Drops of condensation
2 Drops of liquid up to 150 from vertical
2 Fingers Medium foreign bodies
(12.5mm dia.)
3 Rain at angle up to 600 from vertical
4 Splashing from any direction
3 Tools, wires Small foreign bodies
(2.5mm dia.)
5 Water jets from any direction
6 Heavy seas (Deck Watertight)
4 Tools, wires Small foreign bodies
(1.0mm dia.)
7 Immersion - 30 mins at 1 meter depth
5 Complete Protection Harmful deposits of dust 8 Indefinite immersion at pressure to be agreed by user
6 Complete Protection Complete Protection
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