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Westline Motor Starters


Westline is a range of high quality motor starters built to withstand the rigours of the most arduous industrial duties. Each starter in its standard form is equipped with thermal overioad protection, start, stop/reset door mounted pushbuttons and can be fitted with either an on-load isolator or fused combination switch.
Alternatively all types of starter can be engineered and manufactured to a specification, which may incorporate any of the following optional extras:

  • Ammeter
  • Hours Run Meter
  • Hand-Off-Auto Selector Switch (Pilot Switch Control)
  • Local-Remote Selector Switch
  • Pilot Light Indication
  • Main Fuses (with Fused Combination Switch)
  • Phase to Neutral Control Supply
  • Separate Control Supply
  • Control Voltage Transformer


  • Thermistor Protection
  • Electronic Overload
  • Anti Condensation Heater
  • Additional Control Terminals
  • Contactor Auxiliary Contacts
  • Isolator Auxiliary Contacts
  • Earth Leakage Protection
  • Control Circuit Relay
  • Customers Free Issue


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